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Our friends at Hungry Girl.com honored us with a mention on Weight Watcher.com’s 2008 Fun (Secret) Food Finds. In their words:

Buffalo Nickel Wingers
I just found out about these when a ton of them unexpectedly showed up at the Hungry Girl headquarters, and they’re so good! There are five fantastic flavors (in order of least spicy to hottest): No Bull Barbeque, Honey Mustard Horsepower, Nacho Chilichanga, Caribbean Zin, and Fiery Buffalo Bleu. They’re also shaped like cute little chicken wings. Woohoo

Each serving of 25 Wingers has a POINTS value of 3.

To read the entire article, just click here.


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Wingers will be on hand as part of the launch party festivities for Shy to Stop (http://www.tooshytostop.com), an online arts and culture magazine for young people who live, work, and play in the United States.  On December 31st, Too Shy to Stop is throwing a party at Stain bar (http://www.stainbar.com) in Brooklyn, NY to celebrate the unveiling of their newly redesigned website.

Too Shy to Stop is an online arts and culture magazine made by young people who live, work, study, or play in the United States. The writers and readers are curious, active, ambitious, and interested. They value education, American “culture,” the arts, and information

Wingers are thrilled to be a part of the festivities. Levels 1 through 5 look forward to ringing in the new year with this fantastic crowd. Please join us!

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Amazon Grocery News

Amazon is running an amazing special where you can save lots of money on thousands of grocery products. You can save $25 when you spend $75 or more, until 12/31/08, when you use promo code Q4DEAL25.

Add our Amazon 5% off Wingers code WINGERHG- well – that’s quite a bit of savings.Click here to start shopping.

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What? Can it be? Can’t be true – but it is!

Tomorrow Wingers will go on a 4-hour sale – a 10 pack case for $18. Lets say that again. $18. Take that – plus your coupon??? BUY ONE FOR EVERY WING LOVER ON YOUR HOLIDAY LIST! If anyone you know loves wings – and snacks – and has a resolution to be healthy?? You can’t go wrong!

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Wingers fans – honestly – it doesn’t get better than this. Price slashed to $20. Plus a 5% off coupon. Plus a shipping coupon??

College bowl games? Super Bowl? Holiday parties? School lunches. Office parties. Tailgates. Sandwich fun…

You won’t regret the 10 pack – and at this price – get two!

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