Booth 350 is our address for the next few days as we take part in the 2010 Fancy Food Show in San Francisco. We’re here with our sister brands from Mediterranean Snack Foods as we help show visitors that all-natural snacking can have great taste AND dietary benefits. Visiting the show? Make sure you stop by Booth 350 where we have plenty of samples to share.


Buffalo Nickel Wingers is now availabe at three more locations. Two East Coast and, as announced yesterday, our first West Coast location! Stores and locators are:
Fairway Market (5 locations)

Henry’s Markets (28 stores – West Coast)

Chef Central

This just in! Buffalo Nickel Wingers will part of Cracker Barrel’s Summer Road Trip Promotion! More details to come – but be sure to look for us at your local Cracker Barrel location summer 2010!

We’re blushing from this wonderful article that appeared today on NJMonthly.com.  Did you miss it? Want to hear even more great reasons to love BNWingers? Visit http://tinyurl.com/ygl4sjr

Consider these stats

Buttered popcorn (medium)     Buffalo Nickel Wingers (1 serving, 25 wingers)
600 calories                                   120 calories
39 g fat (12 g saturated)               4 g fat (0 g saturated)
1,120 mg sodium                           420 mg sodium

Smarter snack options are both cheaper and waist friendlier. Want other shocking ‘eat this, not that’ comparisons? See the Men’s Health Listing here: http://tinyurl.com/yjtd2s

The requests keep coming in. We’re just back from the plant and prepared another large batch to ship to 23 states! America, you sure are hungry for unique all-natural snacks. And we love it. Be sure to keep checking our store listing so you can find your Wingers!

Less than 2 weeks away from hitting production on our new face of Wingers, fans now have several ways to keep up with the latest news. The all-natural snack that’s all the rage at social events has now heated up social media circles. Are you following us? Are you a fan? Sign up now!

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